Recently, you may have seen news stories about the childcare crisis across the United States. Locally, more than 200 childcare centers closed in Maine during the pandemic years.

When your state has only 1.37 million people, 200 childcare centers is a tremendous loss!

To learn all about the childcare arena and the history of Coastal Kids Preschool, please watch our new segment on LCTV’s “Chamber Chats.” One question that arises during the 30-minute interview is:

“What would the community look like without Coastal Kids?”

What a startling thought!

CKP has been operating for nearly 30 years, providing award-winning quality preschool education within an integrated model of inclusion, acceptance, and care. Each year we serve nearly 100 children and families in Lincoln County and beyond, and as you may know, one-third of our licensed slots are dedicated to children with special needs. This is why CKP is a beacon of hope for so many. We remain the largest provider of special needs services to preschoolers in midcoast. Coastal Kids generates tangible, successful outcomes that benefit all children as they transition to the K-12 environment together, and we know that we make a long-term difference in our community—academically, physically, and socially.

And yet – no one is immune to what-ifs.

As you may know, Coastal Kids’ tuition revenue covers only about 70% of the school’s total operating budget, largely due to our high teacher/child staffing ratios which are a major component to our high quality education and care. This year our program requires over $245,000 in donations and grants to be able to continue providing this extraordinary education in this extraordinary environment. And your support is critical.

In the past year we were able to increase our scholarship funds due to the generosity of people like you – allowing many families to offset costs. Staff structure and wages were finally bolstered at a market rate of compensation. In fact, 85% of Coastal Kids’ budget goes directly to supporting our programs.

Your gift will ensure that our children will continue to learn and grow during their critical preschool years. If you have contributed this year, thank you! If not, won’t you please consider making your contribution now? And feel free to spread the word…